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Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives – Patients, People, Productivity

The vision for Millbank Medical Centre is to be  a large, multi-disciplinary, training practice providing high quality patient care. We will  ensure services are safe, efficient, of high quality, equitable and accessible.  The patient should be seen at the right time, in the right place and by the right professional. 

The practice will strive to use resources appropriately and to work with our Primary Care Network to provide a range of services closer to the patient. We will be a learning organisation focusing on continued professional development, training and increased productivity.

We will prioritise the following:

  1. Patients – we will effectively engage with our patients using a variety of methods. We will ensure we communicate our access arrangements effectively. We will promote patient access to records.
  1. People– the most important resource this practice has is its staff. The practice will build on the wealth of skills we have to develop an efficient, well trained and highly motivated staff team.  We will undergo comprehensive staff training and education over the coming years. We will provide strong, supportive and effective leadership. We will provide a working environment for staff that recognises and minimises the risks of clinician burnout. We will create a culture of transparency and safety for the whole practice team and we will be a ‘learning organisation’.
  1. Productivity – we will provide safe, timely and and efficient access to our services. We will provide continuity of care for patients where it is the right thing to do. Within our resources we will use effective demand management and provide support for our clinicians to maximise their time efficiency for patient care .  Underpinning all of the above is the need to review our own performance – we must look inwards as well as outwards.  All clinicians regularly participate in peer review.  It is vital that this is carried out fairly, sensitively and safely without encouraging a blame culture within the practice. 
  1. IT systems – we will have excellent data quality and communication systems.
  1. Primary Care Network – We will engage fully with our partners in our PCN as it is advantageous for our patients. The practice will ensure that it does not take on or accept any unfunded work so that it can concentrate its resources on providing the best possible core services to our patients.  The Practice will work proactively with the Borough team and PCN.
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