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    020 7834 5502
  • GP Surgery

    Appointments can be booked with a GP for medical problems.

    There are pre-bookable appointments which can be booked at least 4 weeks ahead.

    There are also some appointments which can only be booked on the day. These are for urgent medical problems which need to be seen by a GP on the same day.

    All GP appointments are now 15 minutes long. This is an unusually long time. The reason for this is that enables GPs to deal with more than one issue at the consultation and reduces the need for repeat appointments.

    You can use the on-line booking service which is accessed at the Online Access page. This is a real time service so as daily appointments are released at 8am, they become available to book on line. You can also book ahead for at least 4 weeks. Once you have access you will be able to book appointments on-line. You will also be able to order repeat medication,access your Summary Care Record and request access to your full coded medical records.

    There is a 24 hour appointment service called Patient Partner which allows you to book, change and cancel appointments using your telephone keypad. When you call the Surgery number 0207 834 5502 you will be given the option to use this service (option 1).

    You can book through the Reception Team on the telephone (option 2) or in person between the hours of 8am and 6pm. Appointments can be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.

    If you specifically require a same day urgent appointment you can ring or attend the surgery from 8am or use the on-line booking service. These appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis.

  • GP Telephone

    GP telephone appointments are available morning and afternoon. These are used for problems which can be dealt with over the telephone, an example would be to discuss test results.

  • Nurse

    The Practice Nurse can offer the following services.

    Travel advice and vaccinations – Adult injections – contraceptive advice – CHD review – COPD review – Smear test – Chlamydia test – Baby immunisation – Spirometry – Blood pressure check – Hypertension review – Ear syringing

  • Healthcare Assistant

    The Heathcare Assistant can carry out NHS health checks (for those over 40 yrs), chronic disease reviews such as diabetes, some injections including flu and pneumococcal, blood pressure monitoring and provide smoking cessation advice.

  • Baby Clinic

    Baby clinic is for WELL babies only.  Sick children should not be brought to this clinic as they may infect other babies. If your child is unwell please book an appointment in the normal way.

    This is run by one of the Doctors, a  Practice Nurse and a Health Visitor. The Doctor carries out Development and Antenatal checks and appointments for these must be booked in advance through Reception.  The Practice Nurse carries out childhood immunisations – again appointments should be booked in advance through Reception.  The Health Visitor is available for advice on all aspects of child and antenatal care.  There is also a facility for weighing your baby.  There is no need to book an appointment to see the Health Visitor.  Please bring your Red Book to the clinic.

    Make sure that you have registered your baby before you come to the clinic.

    Please note that this clinic is only for your babies and small children.  The nurse and doctor will NOT deal with prescription requests, blood pressure checks or any ailments during this clinic.

  • The Health Trainer Service

    Over six on-to-one sessions, a Health Trainer will work with you to develop a Personal Health Plan to identify those areas of your health you want to improve and the actions you can take to achieve your goals.

    Health Trainers can help support you to:

    *Become more active                    * Reduce your stress levels

    *Eat a healthier diet                        * Improve your wellbeing

    *Give up smoking                            * Cut down on drinking alcohol

    Patients can self- refer to this service by making an appointment through Reception

  • CBT Therapist

    2 types of CBT are available, Low intensity (guided self help) or high intensity. There are also group sessions available in the area. Patients must be resident in SW1 and examples of the sort of problems that can be treated are anxiety and depression.
    The service can be accessed by GP referral or Self referral.
    Please self refer by calling 030 3333 0000 or emailing westminster.iapt@nhs.net

  • Counsellor

    There is a one to one counselling service available on a weekly basis at the Surgery. Referral to this service is through a GP so please ask your GP about referral.

  • Jobs in Mind

    Patients can either be referred by their GP or they can self refer.
    The central phone number is 0207 281 8097.

    Referral criteria – Westminster Residents wanting vocational support who are experiencing mental health difficulties – primary care level, typically anxiety/depression.

    Please use this form to self refer:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

    Referral – You can self refer by requesting an appointment from the Millbank Reception Team or by calling the main Citizens Advice Bureau number, 08444771611. Please let the service know that you would like to be seen at Millbank Medical Centre and they will arrange this with us. There is a weekly service at the Surgery.

    Please see this link for further information on the services available. http://www.westminstercab.uk/advice/

  • Smoking Cessation

    In addition to the Health Care Assistant there is smoking cessation advisor who can advise on all aspects of smoking cessation.

  • Care Navigation Service

    This service provides support to patients with multiple complex health and social needs. A multi-disciplinary group of professionals meet fortnightly to support patients to help them stay healthier in their own home and prevent recurrent hospital admission.

    The professionals include GPs, community matron, district nurses, adult social services, adult mental health, environmental health and a care coordinator. They put together a tailored health plan for each patient.

    Referral to this service is through the GP.


Additional Services

  • New Service at Millbank Medical Centre

    Skin Rejuvenation

    Anti-wrinkle Botox available and administered by a trained doctor.

    Procedures conducted by Dr Nic Andela MBChB, DA(SA):

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections:
    Growing older means the skin ages and looses collagen elasticity that made it smooth and bright when we were young wrinkles can begin to appear. Today’s life style can have an impact on your skin and some factors mean we can age quicker or more dramatically.

    Botulinum toxin A or ‘Botox’ injections can help reduce and delay the signs of ageing in the skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and delays the wrinkle etching process that inherently occurs over time, making skin appear younger and smoother.

    Of all non-surgical treatments, Botox injections are the most performed procedures within private practice.

    How does Botox injections work?
    Botox works by relaxing the facial musculature, which causes the wrinkles in the face to dissipate.

    How is it administered?
    Botox is injected directly into anatomically selected muscles in the face causing wrinkles to dissipate and over time the skin looks more youthful and smooth.

    Practitioners tend to treat the frown lines between the eyes, which we call the 11 o’clock lines, the forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

    Is it safe to have Botox?
    It is a safe technique that is also very effective with minimal side effects.

    Some patients experience minor bruising in the areas where injections have been given but this is easily treated with arnica gel. Bruising only lasts a few days and otherwise there are few side effects. Thank fully anaphylaxis is very rare.

    How long will Botox last?
    Contrary to popular belief, the effects of Botox are not actually immediate and it usually takes between 3-7 days for effects to set in, and the maximum effect should be most noticeable around 14 days after the treatment.
    Botox usually lasts between 3 and 6 months, after this period we recommend that the treatment should then be repeated to continue the effects. Patients do find that with repeat treatments the effects last longer, meaning less Botox treatments are needed over time.

    Injectable Botox Prices:
    • 1 area £195 3 Treatment course £537
    • 2 areas £295 3 Treatment course £825
    • 3 areas £395 3 Treatment course £1100
    • Consultation £100 redeemable against an injectable treatment.
    • Free top up.

    For enquiries please email Nic Andela nic@originalfusion.com or alternatively you can book directly with reception at the Millbank Medical Centre

Flu Clinics

Flu clinics are run by the Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant between October and December every year.  The Department of Health recommends that all patients over the age of 65 should be immunised annually.  Patients with certain long term medical conditions are also advised to have a flu jab these patients are said to be ‘at risk’.  If you think you might be ‘at risk’ please speak to a Receptionist who will be able to clarify the criteria.  It is not recommended that patients under the age of 65 and not ‘at risk’ have the vaccination.

The Practice Nurses and District Nursing Team will contact ‘at risk’ patients who are housebound and make an appointment to visit to give the jab if required.

Private Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist – Nicky Turner MCSP HPC

Physiotherapist – Jose Marcelino MCSP HPC

A Physiotherapy appointment consists of a thorough and detailed assessment of your condition or injury, a diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment may consist of manual therapy techniques, myo-fascial release, deep tissue mobilisation, frictions, manipulation, acupuncture, ultrasound, core stability and exercise regime

Types of conditions treated

Back and neck pain
Sports & running injuries
Knee Meniscal & ligament injuries
ACL reconstruction
Hip pain and groin injuries
Shoulder impingement
Foot and ankle pain & sprains
Achilles tendon pain & rupture
Core stability
Post surgical rehabilitation
Lower limb biomechanical problems

For enquiries and or questions regarding your injury or condition please call and speak to Nicky Turner or Jose Marcelino on 020 7834 5502 or alternatively you can book directly with reception at the Millbank Medical Centre.

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