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    020 7834 5502
  • Opening Hours

    Monday 8am – 6pm

    Tuesday 8am – 6pm

    Wednesday 8am – 6pm

    Thursday 8am – 6pm

    Friday 8am – 6pm

    From time to time the Surgery may be closed within these times. A sign will be visible explaining the reason for this closure and the arrangements for cover.

  • Appointments

    There are 3 ways to book GP appointments

    1. Book Online – Please Click Here  – 24 Hour Service

    2. Telephone Reception Team – Please Call 020 7834 5502 (option 2) during the surgery hours 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday

    3. Automated Telephone system  Patient Partner – Please call 020 7834 5502  (option 1) – 24 Hour Service – This option can be used at any time to make, change or cancel an appointment.

    GP Appointment System

    8.30 – 11.30am – face to face and telephone appointments

    3.00 – 6.00pm face to face and telephone appointments

    GP appointments are 15 minutes in duration. Appointments can be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. Some appointments are kept free in case patients need an urgent appointment on the day. These should be respectfully left for those with urgent medical needs.

    For all non GP appointments please call the reception team on 020 7834 5502 during surgery hours.

    Nurse Appointments

    Nurse appointments can vary in length depending on the service required. For this reason appointments need to be booked through the Reception Team who can advise accordingly.

    Services provided by the Practice Nurse include cervical smears, wound dressing, removal of stiches, childhood immunisations, flu, pneumococcal and shingles vaccination, travel vaccination and advice, chronic disease management including asthma, copd, diabetes, hypertension monitoring.

    Health Care Assistant (HCA) appointments

    HCA appointments can vary in length depending on the service required. For this reason appointments need to be booked through the Reception Team who can advise accordingly.

    Services provided by the HCA include NHS Health Checks for those over 40 Yrs, chronic health management eg asthma and diabetic review. Some immunisations including flu, smoking cessation advice and healthy lifestyle advice.

    Phlebotomy (blood tests)

    This service is available at the surgery. You will be advised of the best time to attend by the clinician who requests that you have a blood test.

    Other clinics are available. For up to date information about them and how to make an appointment please see the Clinics page of this website.

    If you can not attend a booked appointment please cancel it. With enough notice it can be given to someone else.

  • Home Visits

    If for strictly medical reasons you are unable to come to the surgery please call before 10:00am if possible. A doctor will call you back to discuss your request.

  • Patient Participation

    Millbank Medical Centre has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which is open to all patients.  This group has been established over many years. The group usually meets 3 monthly at the Surgery to discuss issues affecting patients.  These can be services provided at the surgery or in the wider NHS and social services environment.  It is a good opportunity to meet other patients and to have your say about services.

    The PPG also hosts educational and awareness events to which speakers are invited to present on an area that is of interest to patients.  Some members of the group attend user groups at Central London Clinical Commissioning Group and report back on new ideas and services that will affect patients.

    There is a desk at the front of the reception area dedicated to the PPG.  If you would like to join the group or put a question or suggestion to the group, there is a comments and suggestions box on the PPG desk.  Please leave your comment or details there and the group will respond.

    PPG Ground Rules

    PPG Terms of Reference


    Local Patient Participation Report

    The surgery has produced a 2014 local patient participation report and this can be found by clicking the link below.  The report includes a copy of the 2014 patient questionnaire and the results of that survey.

    2014 Local Patient Participation Report

    To see the questionnaire or survey results alone please click the following links:



    We have now produced a 2015 review.  Please click the link below to see this:


  • Complaints & Suggestions

    If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints regarding the service that the practice provides please put this in writing to the Practice Manager.

    A leaflet explaining the complaints procedure is available from reception. We would value any comments or suggestions that you may have.

  • Teaching

    Millbank Medical Centre is committed to training and education. We are a fully approved training practice for GP’s completing their training – the GP registrars who will spend a year working with us are fully trained doctors who have spent at 6 – 18 months working in hospitals before entering General Practice.

    The doctors also teach Undergraduate Medical Students and you may be asked occasionally if you would mind a Medical Student sitting in on a consultation for teaching purposes. We would be grateful if you would help by giving your consent but you are under no obligation to do so.

  • Test Results and Specimens

    Please book a telephone consulation with a GP to obtain your test results. You should telephone the practice approximately one week after your test has been carried out.

    Specimen containers are available from Reception. Please do not use any other container. Specimens should only be brought to the Surgery if requested by a clinician.

  • Medical Records

    The Practice collects and holds information about you, to help us to give you the correct care and treatment. The information is kept on a computer, on paper, or both and forms part of your Medical Record.

    All information is strictly confidential and staff are required and trained to respect their duty of confidentiality to you.

    The Data Protection Act 1998 allows you to see and have copies of your Medical Records. There are strict guidelines governing the way this is done. Should you wish to access your records you need to complete an Access to Medical Records form which you can get from reception and has to be submitted to the Practice.

    There is a £10 access fee. Once you have submitted the Access to Medical Records form you will be contacted in order to make an appointment for you to come to the Surgery to view your medical records. If you require any photocopies there is also a charge for each copy up to a maximum of £50.

    Clinicians and staff are unable to discuss your medical record and personal details with anyone outside of the Medical Centre without your prior consent. This includes family members.

    If you should leave the Practice and go to another Practice, your medical  records are requested from us by NHS England from where they are sent  confidentially to the new Practice.

    If you were to leave the Practice but not re-register at another Practice for example, if you moved abroad. Your medical records are returned to NHS England and kept there. Should you or a clinician need to access any information from the notes you can do this by writing to the Patient Information Department, NHS England, 15 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JD.

  • Repeat Prescriptions

    Repeat prescriptions take up to 2 working days to process

    You can now order your repeat prescriptions on-line.  Please see our Online Access page.

    Some items are available on repeat prescriptions. These items will be listed on the right hand tear off slip of your prescription. Please retain this list when collecting your medication from the chemist.

    When you need a repeat prescription please tick the items you require (if they are not listed they are not available on repeat and you need to make an appointment to see a GP if you require more) and place it in the box provided in reception.

    You can also post your prescription request to the practice. If you would like your prescription returned to you via the post please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

    Some of the local chemists provide a collection and delivery service for prescriptions. Please speak to your chemist for details. If you use this service please let the Practice know as we need your consent to give your prescription to a chemist.

    Please note that prescriptions from private GP’s will not be converted to NHS prescriptions.

  • Charges for non NHS work

    There are some services provided by the Practice which are not covered by the  NHS. There is a charge for these services which include some travel vaccinations, medical reports, letters and various other services. Information regarding charges is available at reception. Non-NHS work will not be carried out without receipt of the charge.

  • What To Do When Someone Dies

    The link below has lots of useful information which will be helpful to you.


  • The Care Data Service

    The Care Data Service is comissioned by NHS England and will be delivered by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). Data will be extracted from patient care records (PCR) from GP systems and linked with records from other health and social care settings. This information will be used to improve health care provision and some may be passed on for research purposes.

    Patient’s have the right to object to any extraction from the GP Practice unless there is a) a statutory duty to share information. b) a court order or c) an overriding public interest in disclosure. In addition patients can object to data from any other health and social setting eg. hospital, leaving the HSCIC.

    If you wish to object then you will need to complete an opt out form.  This is available at the surgery.  Alternatively, please download, print and complete the form below and return it to the surgery

    Opt Out Form

    For further information please see the patient information leaflet, poster and frequently asked questions leaflet.




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  • Summary Care Data

    Summary Care Records

    Summary Care Records contain details of your key health information – medications, allergies and adverse reactions.  They are accessible to authorised healthcare staff in A&E Departments throughout England and can support better, safer prescribing of medication for patients by providing up-to-date information on your allergies, previous adverse reactions and medications.  Patient care can be supported by healthcare staff having faster access to their medical information and patients may not be required to repeat information to different NHS staff treating them.   You will be asked for your permission before anyone looks at your Summary Care Record except in the case of an emergency where you can’t give permission, e.g., if you are unconscious.  If this happens, the member of staff will make a permanent note on their computer system to say why they have done so.

    Your Choice

    You can choose to have a Summary Care Record. If you would like one, you don’t need to do anything. It will happen automatically. If you don’t want a Summary Care Record, print off a form HERE,  fill it in and hand it in at reception.

    For further information go to http://www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk/

  • Fair Processing Notice

    Please see the link below to a privacy notice that explains why Millbank Medical Centre collects information about you and how this information may be used.

    Fair Processing Notice

  • Useful Leaflets

    Here is a selection of useful leaflets/information sheets which you can download and print.

    Healthcare Assistant Services

    Nursing Services

    NHS Healthchecks

    Practice Services